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Twin Phono to Twin Phono
Product Code: NTC1CR
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Brand: Stagg
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The Stagg NTC1CR Twin RCA Cable is a great choice for all your audio component needs. Whether it be in the studio, in the club or in the bedroom, the Stagg NTC1CR Twin RCA Cable ensures maximum audio transfer quality and robust build quality.

The phono plugs are made by REAN and have a gold plated tip. This works in harmony with the shielded cable to keep your signal strong and pure. Mixers, CD players, MP3 players and much more can be connected via phono lead and it makes sense to use a high quality cable to ensure your sound is at its best.

The Stagg NTC1CR Twin RCA Cable is also ROHS compliant, meaning it is as environmentally sound as it is in the audio department. A great cable that always comes in handy at a great price.

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