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XLR Male to 6.3mm Stereo Jack Plug
Product Code: NAC1PSXMR
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Brand: Stagg
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The Stagg NAC1PSXMR XLR Male to 6.3mm Stereo Jack Cable 1m offers fantastic value for money, delivering professional-grade hardware at a price that everyone can take advantage of.

The team at Stagg recognise that the quality of your audio recordings or sound reinforcement, is only as good as the weakest link in your signal chain. In order to ensure that their cables can never be acccused of being that weak link, they build all of their equipment to impeccable standards of quality. By enlisting the team at REAN - who are handled by the superior equipment manufacturers Neutrik AG -, Stagg has guaranteed that their N-Series of cables will blow away your expectations by ensuring the utmost clarity and reliability.

The NAC1PSXMR is 1 metre in length, and is perfect for turning a female XLR connection into a 6.3mm stereo connection. The connectors are designed to create a flush seal in any socket, maximising surface area for a reassuringly secure feel. The cable is screened against unwanted noise or interference, minimising the chance of your recording signal being affected. As with other products in the N-Series, the cable is ROHS compliant, so you can rest assured that you're doing your part for the environment.

The Stagg NAC1PSXMR XLR Male to 6.3mm Stereo Jack Cable 1m is a superb piece of equipment that would make a valuable addition to any engineer or musician's arsenal. Whether you're recording at home or taking your sounds to the stage, you can rely upon this excellent cable.

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