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Alto TS315 Speaker cover (Single)
Product Code: ALTOT215COVE
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Brand: Alto
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The Alto TS215 Speaker Cover is specifically designed to fit the TS215 or TS215W and is made from durable nylon with a slip-on design and bottom strap. This cover can protect any TRUESONIC TS215 or TS215W against the bumps, scratches and dents that may otherwise be unavoidable during travel.

  • Padded cover protects the TS215/TS315 during transport
  • Protects against bumps, scratches and dents while on the move
  • Durable nylon construction, made to withstand constant use
  • Easy slip on design - cover and uncover in seconds
  • Bottom strap keeps the cover in place when transported horizontally
  • Side openings for easy access to TS215/TS315's handles

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