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Provide optimal maintenance to your water-based fog machine when using the ready-to-use cleaner fluid.

Our Price £5.00

5 litre of Chauvet geyser fluid for use with the Chauvet Geyser RGB vertical smoke machine.

Our Price £18.00

This specially made fluid produces a dense ground-hugging effect which will disperse and evaporate before any visible rising.

Our Price £19.00

Recommended for use in all bubble machines. This high quality formula produces long lasting lightweight bubbles.

Our Price £15.00

A range of different fragrances to be mixed with smoke/fog/haze fluid creating a pleasant aroma when released in to the air.

Our Price £5.95

Economical to use and kind to lights thanks to its incredible long hang time characteristics this dense fog works well in environments unaffected by extraction and air-conditioning.

Our Price £15.00

Specially formulated for the Atmo range of hazer's, this fluid is also ideal for use with most other haze machines.

Our Price £15.00

This water based liquid is specially formulated for use in all manufacturers snow machines.

Our Price £15.00

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