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Chauvet Line Dancer
Sale Price £139.00
Chauvet Line Dancer
Chauvet Freedom Stick Pack
Our Price £449.00
Chauvet Freedom Stick Pack
Equinox Fusion Scan MAX
Sale Price £149.00
Equinox Fusion Scan MAX

The Pocket Pro from American DJ is a compact moving head lighting effect with an incredibly bright 25W LED source.

Our Price £289.00

The ADJ LTS Color Lighting T-Bar Stand is the perfect way to securely position up to eight lighting fixtures

Our Price £89.00

Laserworld EL-150B is a blue single colour laser system with a total output power of up to 150 mW.

Our Price £129.00

GigBAR Flex is an ultra-convenient 3-in-1 Pack-n-Go lighting system with a pair of LED Derbys

Our Price £249.00

Optional Boom Box design lycra. Fits Equinox DJ Booths and other similar products.

Our Price £76.00

The EL-900RGB is an RGB show laser system with a total overall output power of up to 900mW and fast step motors with 3-8 kpps

Our Price £449.00

The Laserworld DS-1000RGB is a compact, lightweight laser unit in Laserworld's Diode Series.

Our Price £549.00

The multidirectional par panels create a multitude of effects and are independently adjustable for maximum room or stage coverage.

Our Price £189.00

The fixture has a rugged chassis and provides exceptional quality.

Our Price £219.00

Twenty seven pixels, arranged in a hexagonal chassis generate a full colour

Our Price £199.00

This compact moving head beam effect features 8 fast sweeping beams from its twin-tilting bars of eight 3W LEDs

Our Price £129.00

Rechargeable lithium battery powered LED Par cans utilising 1W RGBW LEDs for stage or wall washing

Our Price £35.00

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